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Pagan Pride Shopper

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Five pence for a carrier bag? Shocking!

For a paltry few pounds, you can have one of these sassy new Pagan Pride UK shoppers- you'll never have to pay for a carrier again. Think of all the pennies you'll have to spare and the fun things you could do with them?

Our top suggestions for your spare 5ps are:

  • Stack then up until they reach the ceiling.
  • Make attractive coasters for friends and family.
  • Sew them to your favourtie belly dance costume (for all the Pagan lovin' bellydancers out there...).
  • Build a fish tank (might not be water tight but your fish will love the shiny finish).
  • Glue them to your shoes and learn to tap dance.
  • Glue them to your kid shoes so you know where they are at all times!
  • Take them with you to a maze and drop them so you can find your way back out easily...

Now the practical stuff:

Made from jute and cotton canvas, this practical and handy-sized shopper has reinforced handles and has the classic Pagan Pride Cherrie Button Logo printed on the front in funky purple.

It's large enough for a small shop, a large lunch or to carry your files, folders and notebooks to and from the office or lecture. And of course, for a visit to the Pagan Pride UK Festival's wonderful marketplace!

The sassy green bottom and sides make this the must-have bag of 2016- Louise Vuitton eat your heart out!